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Let an angel above guide you and allow you to soar in memory and in honor

There is simply no relief from the impact of losing a child. Every day has its challenges. However, on the anniversary of the death of a child, that single day seems to deal a more powerful blow than any other. As parents who have lost a child, we know that every year on that day we struggle with what we need to do to help us and our family cope with the strong emotions that the day brings. We know that there is no single way to help families, nor is there a right way to spend the day. But we also know that doing something that can bring peace, relief, or maybe even a smile on that day can be very powerful to a mom, dad, brother or sister.


What is SOAR?

SOAR (Steer Onward and Remember) is a program created by the Brave Will Foundation that  originally provided support for families on the one year anniversary of their son or daughter’s passing. The program is intended to help these families spend the day in a way that honors their child and remembers the legacy that he/she left behind. However, the program has recently changed to allows families to honor their child on any day that they desire to best honor their child after their passing.



Why was SOAR created?
The SOAR program was created knowing that there is nothing that can fill the indescribable void of the loss of a child and believing that the support and understanding of others is critical to continuing to live while honoring a child’s legacy. We cannot give concrete suggestions of how to honor a child–Only the family will know what may be most meaningful at this time. Our mission is to help make that possible. We offer "grants" for up to $714 to create a day of memory, honor and meaning.

Who does SOAR help?
SOAR is available to any family in the Greater Capital Region that has lost a child, whether it be from a long-term illnesses or suddenly. 

What can families do on that day in memory of their child?
There is no right answer to this question as every family will have different needs on that day. Some may want to do something that their child always liked to do like go to the beach, go camping, or attend a ballgame or concert. Others may want to do something at their house like a butterfly release, create a memory garden, or plant a tree. Others may want to do something in memory of their child like buying a copy of their child’s favorite book for all of his/her classmates or perhaps make a donation to a charity in memory of the child. Finally, some may choose to do nothing at all…and that’s perfectly acceptable. There is simply no right or wrong way to spend that day.

Why $714?

Over the years, we have discovered that there is no "right amount" when supporting families on this day. Some days cost very little, while others require more. In 2018, we decided that rather than affixing an amount to a day, we would instead over "grants" for up to $714 to allow a family to best decide how to use that money to make their day memorable. The 714 represents Will's birthday--July 14th.

How do I apply for funding for a SOAR day?

To be eligible for funding, a family must meet these requirements:

  • Have lost a child between the ages of 0-21 in the last three years

  • Have a primary residence in the Greater Capital Region of Albany, NY

  • Complete the application form 

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