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The Brave Will Foundation is proud to be a key financial supporter of the Journeys program at the Albany Medical Center Children’s Hospital.

The Journeys program is a pediatric palliative care program offered by the Children’s Hospital that provides comprehensive care for infants and children experiencing a debilitating or life-threatening medical condition.  The range of services is individualized for each family, designed to help them adjust to a serious medical condition and cope with the complicated choices that they will have to make.  The Journeys team goals are to enhance communication, ensure an understanding about their illness, and provide support and guidance where needed, striving for improved quality of life and well being.

Many of the services provided by the Journeys staff, who includes doctors, nurses, social workers, child life specialists, and chaplains, are not typically covered under typical medical insurance, and are thus considered “soft medicine” costs. However, the support they provide for the child and families is critical in helping them through a difficult medical struggle.

Each year, around Will’s birthday on July 14th, the Foundation hosts an ice cream social for the children and staff at the Children’s Hospital. It is during that event that we make our donation to the Journeys program. Since 2011, the Foundation has donated $375,000 to support the growth of the program.

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